Swiping passwords

Today I ran across an interesting MakeZine project article that shows how to use an Arduino Leonardo and an RFID card reader to make a custom password entry gadget. According to the article, the cost was about $75.

$75?! I accomplished the same thing last year for about $16 … with no soldering and without modifying or damaging any hardware. (You can get the same parts today for closer to $11.)

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It’s about time!

I grabbed the kerryburton.com domain some 9 months ago, spent some time configuring WordPress for the website … and then forgot all about it.  I’m pretty much an idiot when it comes to website design (see http://bbburma.net) so I’m hoping WordPress will help me look good this time around … at least a little.

I want this site to help me share (and remember!) some of the things that I most enjoy. For now, I have made it hard for readers to log comments, because of the volume of “junk” comments that were logged while the site was still in incubation.

Stay tuned!